A simple story and with reason

At the mere mention of the words "candy","biscuits", "chocolate", taste buds rev up. Sweets make all generations salivate and generate shared memories: we long for missing candies, names, tastes, times and places. Biscuits and chocolates join up to complete a firework of sweets meant for all.

"Comforting” sweets, sweets for “gifts”, sweets as "rewards"! Synonyms of pleasure and conviviality, sweets are valuable and humanize relations between individuals.

For nearly three years before opening my first store, I studied and modeled the concept of the DÉLICES LAMARQUE stores to create a unique combination of "product quality" and a "distinctive visual identity"; a place dedicated to visual and gustatory pleasure and nostalgia.

Le fondateur des DÉLICES LAMARQUE

It is a story, and above all a story of purpose that led to the creation and development of the brand DÉLICES LAMARQUE.

Observation, analysis and reflection led Jean-Emmanuel Costedoat-Lamarque to create and model the concept of a unique and unparalleled trade, ensuring clientele, success and profitability.

It is in 2011, at Albi, his birthplace, that he opens his first boutique. With this carefully elaborated new concept in the trade of confectionery, sweets, biscuits, caramels and chocolates, Jean-Emmanuel Costedoat-Lamarque aims to attract tourists and passing visitors just as much as a local and faithful clientele. In December 2012, the second shop opened in the town of Gaillac (Tarn-81). This structure is also destined to become a technical platform to prepare for the implementation of the brand in the center of the city of Toulouse and serve as an example for franchisees.

With a thorough knowledge of the concept by the possession of stores and the development of new projects, DÉLICES LAMARQUE constantly evolves on the level of the offer to retain local customers just as to attract the casual visitor.

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